Finestra, a cutie sweet little house in the old town

Ahhhh, and yet another very nice house added to our portfolio called Finestra (meaning window). It’s a nice little house in the old town, in the sweetest street ever, filled with flowers and happiness. I look forward spending some time in this location, but I also look forward to getting my hands on this house and change it for the better over time: taking out the modern things and presenting and exposing the older parts of the house. there is an old room downstairs that is really nice but not in the rental yet. I look forward to having that fixed and extending the house. Let’s see what the future holds, for now I am happy with Finestra.

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The start of a new season

Hurray, our website is online!!! There are a lot of changes that have to be made, but for now it’s good and we can start setting it up with all the houses and correct all the details. The season has already started and the first houses have guests in them. All are happy and so are we. I so look forward to this season, with lots of nice guests and nice events. Kalo saison, Gudrun

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If you wish to let us arrange your wedding, please let us know well in advance as we need to prepare this long time ahead! Rhodes has several very romantic places to organise your wedding ceremony and a lovely beach dinner/ party afterwards!

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You can join a group lesson with a teacher in a gym, yoga centre or another amazing environment like the beach or the moat of the old town (if available). Also we can arrange a teacher coming to your house/villa to have a private lesson in your own private environment.

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Water Sport


There are several places on the island where you can rent a jet ski or small boats to visit the small bays (30-45 PK without licence, 200 PK with licence). Most of the time this places off also water ski, bananas etc.

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Wine route


Some beautiful wines are made on Rhodes and there is a route for a special tour in the long wine tradition of the Dodecanese. Meet the producers, the cultivation and winemaking techniques they use and off course taste the delicious wines. You can either drive it with your car or if you prefer to taste a lot of wine off course we can supply a driver for you!

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